There have been many exciting developments here at Horton Automatics recently. Due to business growth and an increase in demand of our services, we decided it was a good time to have our own website.

The new website

We previously had some information available about our UK-based manufacturing facility on the Horton Automatics global website.

As we are part of the American based Horton Automatics company who are a division of the Overhead Door Corporation and owned by the Sanwa Corporation of Japan – our details were visible. But there was little information for potential UK-based customers to find us.

Having our own website would allow us to promote our position as a leading automatic and specialist door manufacturer in the UK. It would also be highly beneficial for the continued growth of Horton Automatics.

Our focus

Along with the new website representing our services and experienced team, we also wanted to spotlight some services. Specifically our maintenance, servicing and repair services as well as our ICC/CCU doors which are designed for healthcare/hospital environments.

Horton Automatics is committed to ensuring that automatic and specialist doors are maintained and serviced accordingly so they are safe and legally compliant. It is for this reason that we are passionate about promoting our reactive call-out option and our structured servicing plans.

Providing automatics doors for hospitals and healthcare facilities is also a service we’re proud of here at Horton Automatics. Our ICU/CCU doors have a range of benefits for clinical environments. These benefits include minimising bacteria risks and offering more privacy for patients.

We have worked with many NHS and private hospitals across the UK and have recently completed the installation of over two hundred ICU/CCU doors for one of the UK’s largest NHS hospital projects in recent years.

What’s next?

We look forward to continuing business growth and making more people aware of the specific services that we offer.

As a leading manufacturer, repairer and servicer of automatic doors, our reputation in the industry is important to us. This is why we will continue to maintain our commitment to offering quality products and the best customer service.

We hope that you enjoy our new website!

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